Los Molinos Valley and Dam



Northwest of Los Molinos village between the plains of Llanos de la Concepción and La
Laguna, you will find the Barranco de los Molinos, an important and interesting geographical feature that reveals the stratigraphy of the island.

The Molinos valley is one of the few on this semi-desert island that retains a small course of water, sourced from groundwater springs that welled up as erosion carved out the basin. The small stream and its ponds, together with the dam that presides over the valley, are home to a large flock of birds. Among these are the marbled teal and the ruddy shelduck, elegant waterfowl which nest nowhere in Europe but here. There is also a large number of Eurasian Coot and a well-nourished flock of waders that thrive in wetlands, such as the plover, the cattle egret, the little egret, the grey heron, the little ringed plover, the northern shoveler, the common teal and the common moorhen. Their hustle and bustle makes the place a fascinating spot for bird-watching.

Lastly, the observatory built by Fuerteventura Cabildo (council) can be seen at the edge of the cliff. It is the nesting site of the Guirre majorero (Egyptian vulture), which is endemic to the Canaries. This scavenging bird of prey is the biggest in the archipelago, and is now in danger of extinction.

The flat landscape of the plains on the sides of the ravine offers open views of a peaceful sunset, always accompanied by a concerto of birdsong from a rich variety of steppe birds, among which the houbara bustard stands out. You might also spot the cream-coloured courser, the Lesser Short-toed lark and the Eurasian stone-curlew. The Barranco de los Molinos is a great place to explore, to stray off the beaten path and get closer to nature. A hidden gem of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario.