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The molina is a unique construction type found only Fuerteventura and Venezuela. At present Molina de la Asomada is the only working wind-driven molina in all Europe. Its product is gofio baked in white soil inside a wood stove. Listed as a Property of Cultural Interest, Molina de La Asomada is situated on the way to Fuerteventura Technology Park. Built in 1818, it was restored by the Canary Islands’ Government and Fuertentura Island Council in September 2011.

These molinas were designed for grinding gofio. The machinery, grinding different types of flour, enables large amounts of gofio to be manufactured in a short time, because the millstone spins three times faster and reaches very high speeds. In contrast to the molino, the molina can make use of all directions of wind because it can rotate to face into it.




Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday. 9.00h to 14.00h

Ticket Price: €2.00

La Asomada